Meet Zelly, American Spy in the Reich
American Spy in the Reich Book Cover

Book status: Editing
Length: 85,000 words

When you pretend to be someone you are not, does it change who you really are?

American Spy in the Reich is an historical thriller in both action and psychology. Readers who liked All the Light We Cannot See and City of Thieves will meet Fred Brown, a seventeen-year-old American boy, borm of German immigrant parents, sent in 1940 to spy on the Third Reich.

Fred longs for college and a life of adventure, but an Army major, a German doctor, and a college professor have other plans for him. They want to capitalize on his German fluency and his whiz-kid electronics by sending him as a deep cover spy code-named "Zelly." His mission is infiltrating Germany and blending into Nazi society to aid the Allied war effort. He finds the task harder than expected, learning life lessons in an unusual crucible where death haunts every step and even your friends and family can't be trusted.

Fred discovers he's been told elaborate lies about himself, his family, and his mission. He fits into Zelly's cover story far too perfectly. As Fred works to fulfill his duty to America, Zelly must build rockets to help Germany win the war. Accomplishing both Fred's mission and Zelly's job seems impossible. And Gestapo agent Stengler always lurks nearby, watching and waiting.

Five years of war changes things, requiring self-assessment. Is he Fred or Zelly? He wants to complete his mission and go home. But where is home?